Negotiated Work Based Learning



Built around you and your work

Negotiated Work Based Learning is a flexible, innovative framework which allows you to negotiate a course to deliver a work based project which meets your needs and enables you to achieve a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters Degree.


The main focus is a work based project rather than theoretical academic study.  This is supported by your own personal learning and development programme. You will benefit from a highly relevant, customised course which also delivers outcomes for your employer.


The scale and scope of the project depends on the target award.  A small scale project might include an investigation to identify recommendations for change.  A large scale project might be a substantive development such a designing a new service or developing and implementing a new policy.  This would require demonstration of effective leadership, engagement of stakeholders, effective project management as well as knowledge and understanding pertinent to the specific project.


Employers also benefit by using the framework to enhance and accredit staff development schemes and to link staff development directly to service improvements and innovation projects.



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