Programmes for NHS and Health Care Professionals

We offer part-time short courses, Certificates, Diplomas and Masters Degrees with links between them so you can progress to the higher awards. Most programmes are inter-disciplinary to support shared learning and practice.


A first degree is not essential and for some options you can 'fast track' and reduce cost by claiming credit for prior learning. Our supportive facilitators have practical as well as academic expertise to relate to your work context.


We offer programmes at the University and bespoke programmes delivered on-site in partnership with health care employers.   See more.


Our programmes:

Free-standing courses and short certificates which can also build into a Postgraduate qualification

Part 1 (Postgraduate Certificate) + Part 2 (Diploma/Masters Degree) models

Postgraduate programmes are based on a credit pathway: Postgraduate Certificate (60-credits), Diploma (120-credits) and Masters Degree (180 credits).   You can enrol for any of the target qualifications from the outset or take a ‘step-on, step-off’ route.   The Postgraduate Certificate introduces key concepts and their application.  As you progress to Diploma and Masters you will develop further and apply your learning to real work projects.

Choose from:

Professional Practice

This is a highly learner-centred option in which you design your own postgraduate programme (Certificate, Diploma, Masters) based on your development needs and work requirements.   The major focus throughout is on work projects. See more.


How to claim for prior learning?

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