Medical Leadership: MSc, Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate


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Who is it for?

For doctors at every stage of your career, develop and evidence your commitment to:

- Improving patient experience and service delivery
- Demonstrating caring, compassionate, authentic leadership
- Developing your leadership capacity to achieve medical and organisational impact

This MSc programme is designed to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in line with the GMC’s Medical Leadership Competency Framework and the new NHS HealthCare Leadership model.

Masters Degrees are built on a credit pathway: Postgraduate Certificate (60-credits), Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits) and Masters Degree is 180 credits. You can enrol for a Masters Degree from the outset or you can take a step-on, step-off route.

Course Details

OPTION 1:  Start with a Postgraduate Certificate  (60 credits)

For early career doctors this will develop your understanding of leadership in the NHS context and develop your skills in leading and influencing others, team working and contributing to service improvement.  The focus on personal leadership development will also benefit doctors at any stage of your career.

The programme is interactive, participatory and work based.  Click here for full details of the PG Certificate Programme.

OPTION 2:  Claiming accreditation for prior learning

Some doctors may already be able to evidence prior learning of leadership, team working, and leading change.  We provide a route whereby you may gain exemption from parts of the programme by making a claim for Accreditation of Prior learning.  More on APL.

OPTION 3: Direct entry onto Postgraduate Diploma/ Masters Programme

If you already have a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Leadership or another equivalent qualification in Leadership and Management, you may be eligible to apply for direct entry into our Postgraduate Diploma and Masters programme.  Click here for full details of the MSc and Diploma.


Course Schedule & Fees

How to Apply?

Contact CETAD on 01524 593318 or email

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