Short courses

High quality, accredited courses which can build into a qualification

The courses minimise time off work and provide a mix of face-to-face sessions and interactive web-based learning; the format varies depending on the course. Taught by supportive staff you will also benefit by networking and learning from other professionals.   The courses are free-standing but are also building blocks in postgraduate qualifications, so start with one course and build to a full Masters Degree from one of the UK’s top universities!

Our courses carry credits at Higher Education level 6 and 7 and are usually delivered over approximately a 10 week period. A first degree is not essential as experience and aptitude count, although if you are new to studying or perhaps returning to study after a break then take a look at Developing as an independent learner. This will build your confidence and guide and support you to undertake study at postgraduate level.

CourseLevelStart dateAttendance days
Train the trainer (group training techniques) 6 28-03-14 11-04-14
Dealing with difficult people 6 06-06-14am 06-06-14am & 20-06-14am
Negotiating and influencing skills 6 06-06-14pm 06-06-14pm & 20-06-14pm
Personal development planning 7 TBC TBC
Leading and managing people 7 16-05-14 16-05-14 & 13-06-14
Leading others through change 7 25-02-14* 25-03-14
Collaborative and team working 7 07-03-14* 04-04-14
Developing as an independent learner 7 03-04-14* 03-04-14, 08-05-14am & 05-06-14am
Creative thinking and problem solving 7 TBC TBC
Strategic analysis: What’s driving change in your work context? 7 25-04-14* 23-05-14
Understanding leadership and management 7 09-05-14* 09-05-14 & 06-06-14
Developing emotional intelligence 7 27-6-14* 4-7-14am
Models for planning and managing change 7 03-07-14 03-07-14 & 17-07-14
Starting in 2014/15
Introduction to mentoring and coaching 6 TBC TBC
Understanding and managing self 6 TBC TBC
Principles of project management 6 TBC TBC
Planning and controlling projects 6 TBC TBC
Professional Supervision 6 TBC TBC
Performance management 6 TBC TBC

*Denotes the start of on-line facilitated learning

Take one course to meet a specific development need. Take two courses at level 6 to achieve a Lancaster University Certificate of Achievement in Professional Development.

Take combinations of 6 courses to achieve a Lancaster University Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Management, Professional Development or Organisational Change with further progression available to Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Degree.


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If you can't make the date of a course that you are interested in please email: CETAD


Each short course is £363

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