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CETAD is a centre for excellence in Work-based Learning at one of the UK's top universities.  Work-based Learning integrates University learning with your work so programmes are practical, relevant and lead to University qualifications.   Our focus on application of learning to practice ensures a return on investment for individuals and employers.   

Our distinctive, innovative approach is practice-led rather than theory-led; starting from practice, we look at the theory that lies behind it.  Work-based Learning recognises that professionals seek solutions to problems from a range of different fields or academic disciplines; this is termed a trans-disciplinary approach.   Broader and deeper than ‘training’ we develop the high level knowledge and skills in learning, research, analysis and personal effectiveness needed to manage complexity and change.

For individuals:

  • Develop yourself, enhance your career prospects and achieve measurable benefits for your organisation
  • Choose short courses, Certificates, Diplomas or Masters Degrees: flexible, part-time minimal attendance pathways
  • Focus learning on real work projects, supported by tutors with practical as well as academic expertise

Further information for individuals


In  addition, for employers:

  • Work in partnership with us to meet specific organisational objectives
  • Bespoke programmes at employer sites with University accreditation
  • Link workforce development directly to service and business improvements

Further information for employers

"The course is very job-related and gives you academic grounding while remaining useful in your day to day role.  The outcome of my project has directly impacted on my organisation and has enabled my employer to see the direct benefits of the course.” Celia Brigg, Masters Degree student.

Located in the Faculty of Health & Medicine, we specialise in courses for the NHS and other public and private sectors related to health, social care and biomedicine.